Who Are We?

Meet the team behind the brand new indie game Monster Breakout!


Wokoha LLC is an independent game developer started in 2015 by Michael Collins. Wokoha was created for the purpose of making fun and exciting video games for people of all ages!

Michael Collins

CEO / Lead Game Developer

Michael Collins designed Monster Breakout and is the founder of Wokoha. He created the art, animation, and did all the programming in Monster Breakout.

Drew Foxworth


Drew was involved in the creative idea process. He also provided funding and kept the project on task.

David Leonard

Music Composer

David Leonard created the entire soundtrack for Monster Breakout. He is an amazing artist and friend, the game would not be what it is without him.

Benjamin Collins

Audio / SFX

Ben is my twin brother, he's responsible for all the sound FX you hear in Monster Breakout.

Anthony Giovanniello


Anthony helped create various sprites, FX, and background art for Monster Breakout.

Eleni Han


Eleni Han has been involved in the artistic and creative processes, and has created various sprites for Monster Breakout.

Cody Reynolds

QA Tester

Cody Reynolds helped through various tasks in the project. He also play tested the game to find glitches and game breaking bugs.